Melania Trump accused of plagiarising Michelle Obama's speech

Donald Trump with his wide Melania (Reuters)
Donald Trump with his wide Melania (Reuters)

Donald Trump's wife has been caught out plagiarising a speech by Michelle Obama as the Republican Convention kicked off in chaotic style today.

Melania Trump had given a stirring speech praising her husband that was well received until it became clear a chunk of it was stolen from the wife of the man he wants to replace.

Today for once Mr Trump stepped aside for wife Melania to step out of his shadow, even if it was just for show.

"If you want someone to fight for your country… never let you down," says Ms Trump in her speech.

But her speechwriter may have let her down because her speech was almost identical to one given by Michelle Obama.

Afterwards, Ms Trump she was back to pushing the theme of day one: "Making America Safe Again".

Mr Trump gave Actor Scott Baio his first starring role since Charles in Charge. He took the stage to call for Trump in charge.

A small protest made it inside the building, but the real protest was the big division on the floor of the convention centre, where Mr Trump's haters pushed all the way.

A last-ditch move by anti-Trump Republicans to have a vote on whether the party formally signs off the Trump candidacy was blocked. It was despair for the Never Trump movement.

"We've lost our brand, we've lost what it means to be a conservative, and it's just a big dumpster fire and everything's tossed in there and it's gone up in smoke," says member of the Never Trump movement Kendal Unruh.

Melania Trump was there to distract from her husband's problems, in a display of unity when the reality is all is not well.