Melting glacier reveals long-lost climber


A 53-year-old missing persons case has been solved thanks to a melting glacier in Switzerland.

Body parts were found by climbers on the Morteratsch glacier, the largest glacier in the Bernina region by area, in the summers of 2014 and 2015.

They've now been named as belonging to a 36-year-old mountaineer, who was last seen 53 years ago.

The man was last seen on August 30, 1963, heading from the Boval hut to the Marco e Rosa hut on skis.

His remains were identified thanks to a DNA comparison with relatives, finally bringing closure after more than half a century.

It's not likely to be the last time bodies are found in the glacier - the Graub√ľnden cantonal police say around 40 climbers remain missing in the Berina region.

If mountaineers do come across body parts, they're advised to mark the location, take a photo, note the co-ordinates and report it to the police.

Climbers should not touch any body parts, or other items the glacier may give up, unless it's necessary to keep it safe.