Missing London cat surfaces in Paris

Paris - a good place to end up if you're a homeless cat (Getty)
Paris - a good place to end up if you're a homeless cat (Getty)

You'd be forgiven for losing hope if your cat had been missing for eight years.

But the owners of Moon Unit - who went missing from Marna Gilligan and Sean Purdy's London home on New Year's Eve in 2008 - were surprised when their moggy turned up in Paris.

"Initially I didn't believe it could be her after so much time," Ms Gilligan told UK paper Metro.

After spending years living rough, an animal shelter took Moon Unit in, and her microchip proved her British origin.

"Once we did confirm it, I was really, really happy," says Ms Gilligan. "I couldn't stop telling people about it."

She had to come home in a car sitting on a ferry, because cats aren't allowed on the Eurostar train that goes through the Chunnel, nor as foot - or paw - passengers on the ferry.

Moon Unit, named after eccentric rock musician Frank Zappa's daughter, has lost all her teeth.

How she made it to France is still a mystery.