Outpurring of support saves museum cats


A social media petition has saved a group of cats living at a Chinese museum only a whisker away from eviction.

The furry trio are not only allowed to stay, but the Forest of Stone Steles Museum in Xi'an, China, has promised to step up the care of the animals.

While they'll no doubt be glad to have a secure home, the cats would've had no idea just how close they came to being turfed out.

A parent laid a complaint after her child was scratched while trying to play with a kitten, according to the China Daily.

The felines were served with an eviction notice last week, and on Friday staff members at the museum tried to catch and rehome them.

But cats are wily creatures, and they were able to evade the staff long enough for the public to swarm to the internet. Thousands pleaded on the social media website Weibo for the cats to be spared.

"It is cruel to bring such cuteness into this world and not allow them to live a happy life," Mo Ranying posted.

Outpurring of support saves museum cats


It was enough to make the museum relent - providing people don't try and pet them.

"We'll provide a warm and loving environment for them and our visitors," the museum posted online. "Please feel free to come and visit them, but please, no more touching."

The cats will be desexed, wormed and vaccinated, the museum said in a post on Weibo.

Wang Liqun founded a volunteer group to help stray animals in Beijing, and told the China Daily the cats will be happier remaining where they are instead of being rehomed.

"There is very little chance people will adopt stray cats. Plus, these cats are used to living outdoors. They just don't like staying home." 

With a secure and loving new home, they're certainly looking like the cats who got the cream.