Mysterious light streaks across US sky

(Matt Holt / Twitter)
(Matt Holt / Twitter)

An unidentified flying object streaking across the sky mystified US skywatchers on Wednesday night (local time).

Cameras at the ready, people across several states - including Utah and California - were thrilled and curious when bright lights lit up the night.

Matt Holt in Utah Valley, who posted a video on his Twitter account, says the area was full of people playing Pokémon Go when the "meteor-like" event was spotted.

"It's Mewtwo!" one person can be heard yelling in the video as the crowd speculates what it could be.

Mr Holt wasn't the only one who spotted the strange event thanks to Pokémon.

Theories ranged from aliens to a long-lived meteor shower.

But the unidentified flying object may now be an identified one. Astronomer Jonathan McDowell says the flash was from a Chinese rocket re-entering the atmosphere.

It's not surprising it got social media abuzz. Mr McDowell says there's only been one other re-entry this year bigger than this one.

However, solving the mystery hasn't stopped conspiracy theorists.