Nauru MP's 'great escape' to Wellington


A former Nauru opposition MP has fled the tiny Pacific island nation for Wellington after being stranded there for over a year.

The Nauru government cancelled Roland Kun's passport, and refused to issue him a new one, after he spoke to international media about the breakdown in the rule of law there.

Mr Kun had been living in Wellington with his Australian wife, but found himself stranded in Nauru after the Nauru government cancelled his passport while he was back in his home country for a three-day visit.

He'd effectively been trapped in Nauru for over a year, while the rest of his family were living in Wellington.

Mr Kun's lawyer, Claudia Geiringer, told Newshub he was finally able to leave Nauru by producing a New Zealand travel document he'd been sent after being granted New Zealand citizenship.

Mr Kun told his lawyer he'd waited outside the airport terminal building in Nauru until the last minute, before simply slipping through customs and boarding a plane to New Zealand.

Ms Geiringer said Mr Kun was now happily ensconced in his Miramar home catching up with his wife and children, whom he'd not seen for over a year.

Ties have been strained between New Zealand and Nauru in that time, after New Zealand suspended aid to Nauru's justice sector, citing a diminishing rule of law.