Opinion: Fire Trump for Melania rip-off

Donald and Melania Trump (AAP)
Donald and Melania Trump (AAP)

A lot has been said about Melania Trump's plagiarism, but sadly not the words "You're Fired".

Instead of holding anyone accountable, Trump is trying to lie and deny his way out of it.

The self-styled "anti-politician" is acting just like the politicians he supposedly despises. It makes Trump look like a hypocrite.

Team Trump hasn't even thrown the speechwriter responsible under the Trump Train.

The tactic here at the Republican Convention in Cleveland has been "deny, deny, deny".

Donald Trump hasn't said sorry.

Melania Trump hasn't said sorry.

The campaign team hasn't said sorry.

A speechwriter obviously did the speech and inserted the passage from Michelle Obama. It would have been easy enough to admit that, blame the speechwriter, take the hit and move on.

But no - instead it's all fudge and counter-claim.

The Buck should stop at the top. The campaign team would have signed off the speech and Trump himself pushed Melania out there and left her exposed to humiliation.

But nothing.

Politics has become so deeply cynical in the United States, it feels like nothing is real and nothing matters.

The Melania rip-off is far from the biggest issue, but it's hugely symbolic of how Trump would act as President.

Trump has used this broken political system and the broken American people to rise to the top.

But the reality, as illustrated by Melania's rip off, is that he is as bad as any other politician.

And for that, Trump should be fired. He should fire himself.