'Persian Hercules' to take on Islamic State

'Persian Hercules' to take on Islamic State

A 24-year-old Iranian bodybuilder says he wants to travel to Syria to fight the Islamic State (IS).

And as Sajad Gharibi weighs over 150kg, he may be the man to do it.

Nicknamed the 'Persian Hercules' and the 'Iranian Hulk', Mr Gharibi has built a social media fandom based on his astonishingly muscled figure.

His Instagram posts, translated by the BBC from the original Persian, tell followers about how he wants to help protect Shia mosques from terrorists, and he has offered to volunteer to fight with Iranian force to help battle IS.

However, several followers are unconvinced, and doubt the agility and fighting ability of such a large man. However, there is no doubt he would be an imposing figure on the battlefield.