Pokemon trainer saves woman from carjacking

Pokemon Go (Reuters)
Pokemon Go (Reuters)

A woman has been saved from a brutal carjacking by a man playing Pokemon Go in far north Queensland.

The 48-year-old was sitting in her car in Rockhampton when she was dragged out by another woman and hit in the face with an axe on Tuesday night, according to police.

But a man sitting trying to catch Pokemon at a nearby 'Pokestop' rushed to her aid, scaring off the attacker.

"He was purely a passer-by and was quite heroic in his efforts to intervene," Detective Allison Williams told local paper The Morning Bulletin.

"That particular member of the public did offer a large amount of assistance to the female complainant and he is to be commended for his efforts.

"We are quite thankful and grateful to that passerby for what he did."

The victim, whom the paper declined to name, apparently took to Facebook to thank her saviour.

"Thankfully I am on a Pokestop, and a man coming to catch Pokemon saved me and called police."

She was left requiring a number of stitches and staples to her face and head.