Racist Aussie goes on hate rant at bus stop

  • 27/07/2016
Racist Aussie goes on hate rant at bus stop

A 19-year-old Brisbane man has captured the racist rant of a woman who confronted him at a bus stop and told him to "go back to New Zealand".

The man secretly recorded the woman telling him he was a foreigner, despite telling her he was born in Australia.

The video has brought the discussion of racism in Australia back into the spotlight with thousands of comments condemning the woman's actions on the YouTube video.

When the man says he was born in Australia she at first says she doesn't believe it, but then goes on to ask where his father was born to which the man replies "New Zealand".

"It probably would be advisable that you pack up and go back to New Zealand," she says.

The teen replies by saying foreigners add to the economy, but the woman dismisses it as a "myth".

"Any money they make they spend on themselves and go back to their own country. Have you been on a holiday with your parents over to New Zealand?... well see that's where the money goes."

She says she has nothing against foreigners "personally it's just they don't fit into the Australian way of life".

When the man asks what the Australian way of life is, the woman replies: "Well it's certainly not people like you skating up and down the footpath."