Rappers hold gang summit to end violence

  • 19/07/2016
Rappers hold gang summit to end violence

Following the latest shootings in the US, rappers The Game and Snoop Dogg have held a summit for gang members in LA to promote unity and bring an end to violence.

Leaders from the Crips, Bloods and other gangs met inside the town hall, while a big screen was set up for those who couldn't get in.

The Game says he doesn't expect everything to change after one meeting, but he is hopeful leaders will get on board.

"It's like a bus going through the city - it's a bus of love and a bus of positivity. We want to keep the doors open. We want everybody to get on the bus.

"And this love and this positivity that we preaching, and this change we about to bring apart, is free admission. All you gotta do is get on and ride with us."

There was a small police presence at the summit, which was also attended by will.i.am and the LA police chief.