Republican convention begins under protest

Angry attendees at the Republican convention (Reuters)
Angry attendees at the Republican convention (Reuters)

Donald Trump's official 'coming out' party has begun in earnest, with the opening of the four-day Republican convention in Cleveland.

The would-be next President of the United States is not expected to speak until the final day, but members of his family and running-mate Mike Pence are expected to whip up a flurry of anti-Obama and Hillary Clinton sentiment beforehand.

In the wake of the recent police shootings, the day's opening theme is expected to be 'make America safe again', but police tasked with controlling security outside the convention in Cleveland have asked the State's governor for a temporary ban on the rights of citizens to openly carry firearms.

Inside the convention there's already been plenty of drama when anti-Trump delegates tried to force a roll call vote.

The 'Never Trump' group hoped to vote down a rules package that binds delegates to vote for the candidate that has won their state's primary or caucus.

Their aim was to 'unbind' delegates from having to vote for Trump to become the Republican presidential nominee.

The anti-tump campaigners shouted: "roll call vote", while the pro-Trump supporters responded with chants of: "USA, USA".

The rules package was eventually passed twice by voice vote instead of a roll call as frustrated delegates walked from the floor.

Mr Trump's wife, 46-year-old Melania, will take to the stage to conclude day one with a major speech.

It's been carefully scripted for her over the past six weeks and Ms Trump will read it from a teleprompter.