Shark feeding frenzy filmed off Western Australian coast

  • 27/07/2016
Shark feeding frenzy off Western Australian coast
Shark feeding frenzy off Western Australian coast

A large school of sharks were captured on video enjoying a feast off Western Australia's north coast, as a whale carcass floated into shallow waters.

Father and son Grant and Sam Eastland filmed the feeding frenzy with their drone at Cape Cuvier near Carnarvon, about 10 hours' drive north of Perth.

The pair says they counted 38 sharks at one point, and the feast lasted for three days.

"Different pieces would break off and float out into the ocean, and that's where the drone footage would show bigger sharks and more sharks," says Grant.

"Most of them (were) tiger sharks, but lots of other species as well, and they were pretty keen to feed."

The footage even shows some of the sharks almost beaching themselves as they tried to gobble down every last piece of the carcass.