Surprising people who support Donald Trump

Donald and Melania Trump (Getty)
Donald and Melania Trump (Getty)

Donald Trump's a divisive figure who has cultivated a fiery, loyal group of supporters - and some of them are people you wouldn't expect.

Let's take a look.

Mr Trump has previously called for a "complete shutdown" on Muslim immigration to the United States, saying "they have no respect for human life".

So it might surprise you that there's a group called American Muslims for Trump.

Its founder Sajid Tarar even spoke at the Republican National Convention.

"It is our obligation to elect a leader who will guide us with justice, equality and most importantly...integrity," he said.

Trump fever has also spread into the sitting President's family.

Malik Obama, one of Barack Obama's seven half-siblings, says he's all aboard the Trump Train because he's against same-sex marriage.

That's excited Mr Trump, who tweeted that Mr Malik was probably "treated badly by Barack - like everybody else".

Mr Trump has a complicated relationship with Latinos, most likely because he said of Mexican: "They're bringing drugs, they're bringing crime, they're rapists."

That hasn't bothered Kentucky State Senator Ralph Alvarado, an American-Latino who's firmly in the Trump camp.

Snoop Dogg might not be a fan of Mr Trump, but he does have backing from another rapper - Azealia Banks.

Before her Twitter account was suspended for abusing a 14-year-old Disney star, she said politicians are inherently evil. She trusts Trump because he's the one who's most transparent.