Tennesse shooting motivated by police violence


A US gunman accused of opening fire on police and civilians in passing car was motivated by police violence against African Americans, authorities report.

One woman was killed and three others were injured when Lakeem Koen Scott allegedly opened fire on a Tennesse highway on Thursday morning (local time).

Scott was wounded during the shootout and remains in hospital, but police say initial interviews with him indicate he was motivated by recent high-profile fatal police shootings of black men.

Newspaper deliverer Jennifer Rooney was killed after she was shot while driving her vehicle, while another woman remains in a serious but stable condition. Officer Matthew Cousins was treated for a superficial wound to the leg.

The attack took place prior to an attack in Dallas, during which 12 police officers were shot and five killed.

The states of Missouri and Georgia are also reporting civilian shootings of police officers, which resulted in two officers being wounded, one critically. These are not believed to be motivated by Black Lives Matter issues.

Masses of people across the US have been protesting against police shootings after two graphic videos black men being killed by police officers were published online within a 48-hour period.