Trapped kangaroo rescued by heroic Aussie


We all know of the song 'Tie Me Kangaroo Down, Sport', but for a roo who hopped into some trouble in south Australia, it was more of a 'Pull Me Kangaroo Up' situation.

As if getting stuck in a cattle-grid in the middle of the road wasn't bad enough, when the kangaroo took its tumble it went in head-first.

When people walking past saw the trapped animal, they launched a rescue attempt.

The whole thing was filmed and posted on YouTube, as a man grips the animal by the legs and tails and pulls.

"What a bad way to be mate," he says.

After some wriggling the roo popped free seemingly unharmed, hopping off without even acknowledging its rescuer.

"I hope you have a good life!" one person calls after the retreating animal. "Don't do it again."