Trump adviser: Extreme Muslims will 'colonise' New Zealand

Trump adviser: Extreme Muslims will 'colonise' New Zealand

One of Donald Trump's most trusted advisers says New Zealand needs to be afraid of being "colonised" by Muslims.

Roger Stone told Newshub New Zealand should be "enthused" by a Trump presidency because he would make the world safer.

"I don’t know what your Muslim population is but I assume New Zealand is a wonderful place to live, so it’s only a matter of time before some Islamic extremist decides that it needs to be colonised."

Mr Stone has been a confidante to Mr Trump from day one and helped organise a "march for Trump" in Cleveland during the Republican Convention this week.

Asked if New Zealanders should be afraid of Mr Trump, Mr Stone replied: "No, they should be enthused about Donald Trump because his policies will make the entire world safer".