Trump officially voted in as Republican nominee

Donald Trump in Cleveland (Reuters)
Donald Trump in Cleveland (Reuters)

Donald Trump has been voted in as the official Republican nominee for US president.

The man of the hour wasn't there to receive it, but his son and daughter were there on his behalf.

Ivanka Trump called it "unbelievable and surreal", while son Donald Trump Jr said it was also "surreal" but "historic".

Day two of the Republican National Convention began with an outpouring of US pride and grandstanding as delegates voted overwhelmingly in favour of Donald Trump as their choice for president.

The delegation from the US territory of American Samoan provided one of the only scenes of 'colour', as the predominately white and male delegates lapped up their brief moment in the spotlight.

There was the occasional moment of drama, with Michigan passing on its roll call vote, while delegates from the District of Columbia screamed "Noooo" as their votes went to Trump, despite Marco Rubio winning the primary vote.

The theme of day two at the convention in Cleveland, Ohio, is 'make America work again'.

Trump congratulated himself on his nomination with a tweet.