Turkey latest: More arrests, man run over by tanks

A tank in Istanbul after the failed coup (Reuters)
A tank in Istanbul after the failed coup (Reuters)

A third of Turkey's highest-ranking military leaders, including army generals and navy admirals, have been formally charged by President Recep Erdogan's government over Saturday's failed coup attempt.

About 60,000 soldiers, police, judges, civil servants and teachers have been suspended, detained or are under investigation.

One Turkish insider has described the crackdown as a "counter-coup", whereby Mr Erdogan is now cleansing the system of his enemies.

Mr Erdogan's purge by the numbers:

Mr Erdogan is expected to make a major announcement today, with some in Turkey fearing he will declare martial law, set curfews or even bring back the death penalty.

Turkey has also blocked access to the WikiLeaks website after 300,000 emails from Mr Erdogan's ruling party appeared online.

Meanwhile security camera footage has emerged that shows a man in Istanbul being run over by two tanks in quick succession during the failed coup.

The man appears to 'squeeze in' between the tank's tracks, so he is largely unhurt.