Turkey military coup threatens world peace

Turkey military coup threatens world peace

The military coup in Turkey could have major ramifications for stability in Europe and the Middle East, and indeed world peace.

Turkey has the largest military force out of all European countries in NATO, and whoever controls it wields a mighty sword.

A successful coup will also have a major effect on Turkey's relationship with its key main allies, the US and other NATO powers.

The US has a large and important air force base in the south east of Turkey, at Incirlik. Any coup violence there would lead to a swift military response from the White House.

Turkey is involved in a long standing conflict with Kurdish separatists near its eastern borders, while Kurdish fighters in Syria have been one of the few military outfits to successfully combat Islamic State (IS) and drive them back.

Turkey has been accused of being 'soft' on IS and some observers claim the Erdogan government has even helped IS fighters by letting them cross its eastern borders with Syria and Iraq unmolested to battle the Kurds.

Turkey has also been at loggerheads with near neighbours Russia, and shot down a Russian bomber on its border with Syria in November last year.

Turkey's geographical location means it bridges Europe and the Middle East.

It is a secular, Muslim republic, but has been operating on the principles of western capitalism.

Turkey's economy suffered greatly during the 2001 economic crisis, but recovered for its people to enjoy a period of relative prosperity over the next decade.

That came to end in 2012 as high inflation led to a slowdown in growth and high unemployment.

Further economic pressure came from Syria's refugee crisis. It's estimated nearly three million Syrian Refugees are stranded in overcrowded camps in Turkey, what happens to these people if the coup is successful?

With Turkey now tearing itself apart, the fall out could lead to a domino-like set of events, similar to what started World War One.

We certainly don't need a World War Three.