Video: Baboon ends Pokémon Go player's game

  • 17/07/2016
Video: Baboon ends Pokémon Go player's game

A baboon at Melbourne Zoo managed to catch and destroy the phone of a Pokémon Go user who'd dropped it in the enclosure.

A video of the incident was filmed by Fallon Savery, an Aucklander living in the city, and shows the monkey picking up the phone and proceeding to smash it.

In an attempt to capture a Pidgey, the user leaned over the barrier too far and dropped the phone.

A crowd which had gathered to watch were shouting at the baboon to drop the phone, while others wanted it to take a selfie.

Not knowing about the latest craze, the baboon wasn't too interested in catching the Pidgey, but rather in trying to figure out what the object was.

Zookeepers managed to get the badly damaged phone back by luring the animal to the side of the enclosure.

But the Pokémon trainer was lucky only have his phone damaged, and not be injured himself like others around the world.

Since the app was launched earlier this month, it's created Pokémania across the globe - with hundreds taking part in planned walks across New Zealand.

Other businesses and apps have also been quick to respond, with Yelp now allowing people to filter reviews by nearby PokéStops.

However, other institutions such as the Holocaust Memorial Museum in the US has urged people to stay away.