Video: Brutal street fight lands pair in jail

Video: Brutal street fight lands pair in jail

Two men have been jailed after a violent street fight in Cronulla, Sydney.

Luke Townsend and Ben Cotton were caught on camera beating two teenagers outside a Cronulla bar.

The video shows one victim being punched by a much larger man, while another attacker taunts a victim beaten to the pavement.

"I put my hand up, and kept on yelling for him to stop," says victim Daniel Green, "and he just didn't stop."

Townsend was sentenced to at least 18 months' jail, while co-accused Cotton was jailed for 21 months.

"Someone could have died. It could have been a lot worse if someone died," said Daniel Ward, who received a broken nose and chipped teeth during the attack.

He supported the jail verdict.

"I thought they got what they deserved."

However, Townsend's lawyers have appealed his sentence and applied for bail, which was refused. He will remain behind bars at least until his court appearance next month.