Video captures horrific aftermath of Nice attack

The aftermath of the attack in Nice (Reuters)
The aftermath of the attack in Nice (Reuters)

Warning: This article and video contain details which may distress some people.

A haunting video has captured the horrific aftermath of the attack in Nice, which saw dozens of people killed when a truck ploughed through the crowds celebrating Bastille Day.

The video was taken by a person walking down the city's waterfront Promenade des Anglais, following the truck's deadly route.

Victims, some badly injured and others deceased, lie on the road; their belongings are scattered everywhere.

The injured are being tended to by those who can, while cries for help and sirens can be heard in the background.

At least 80 people are thought to have died in the attack, which happened around 10:40pm local time as crowds gathered for a fireworks display.

Meanwhile, a New Zealander who was in Nice when the attack happened has spoken of his horror at witnessing its aftermath.

Sam West was part of a Contiki tour group that had been travelling around France, and was in a bar just 200 metres away from the road the truck drove down on its deadly rampage.

"Just before 11pm we were about to leave," Mr West said on RadioLIVE.

"I looked outside and there was just this sea of people running towards me, and the shock on their faces was quite horrible."

Mr West said the venue then descended into panic, with people frantically running into the bar's kitchen and attempting to break out the back door, which was locked.

"Above us you could hear the fireworks going off and people thought they were gunshots, and they were screaming inside this kitchen, trying to get out," he said.

"We decided to make the decision to get out of the bar. We basically just ran out the front, across the beach and on to the main street, where it all happened. We managed to get ourselves back to the hotel, but on the way, the horror you could see on people's faces was quite incredible.

"As we were running out of this area, there were military police running back in with their guns."

Mr West said while he didn't see the actual incident unfold, the fear in the city was palpable.

"You could just sort of tell from the panic that something was going on that was definitely very nasty... I've never seen people react like that before."

He said that it appeared as though Nice had been put into lockdown, with police continually roaming the streets with their sirens blaring.

And Mr West says he remains fearful for his safety.

"The most terrifying about all this is you don't know who could be that next person."