Video: Dog thrown off roof found alive

Warning: Videos contains content that may disturb.

A shocking viral video captures the moment a dog was thrown off a roof.

The chilling film shows two men - identified as Gowtham Sudharshan and his classmate, Ashish Paul - throwing the dog off a five-storey building in India.

After the video was released, the pair went on the run.

However, there was a happy ending - animal activists have found the dog alive, but injured, and the pair have handed themselves over to the police.

The activists have recounted how they found the dog, who they've named Bhadra.

"While the police were investigating the case and questioning neighbours around the building they learnt about an injured dog in the area," says animal welfare activist Shravan Krishnan.

"They phoned me to identify the dog and when we went there, we felt it was the same dog. We then came to know she was a bitch and wagged her tail exactly the same way we can see in the video."

They say she was left traumatised, and unable to walk properly.

Police have taken the accused to court for questioning.