Video: IS shoots down Russian helicopter in Syria

Video: IS shoots down Russian helicopter in Syria

Islamic State (IS) has posted a video appearing to show the moment its fighters brought down a Russian Mi-25 attack helicopter. 

The video, posted by IS-affiliated news agency Amaq, appears to show a helicopter firing anti-missile flares before it is hit in its tail section. The chopper then spirals out of control, narrowly avoiding another helicopter, before crashing to the ground.

Russia's Ministry of Defence confirmed one of its choppers had indeed been shot down in the Syrian province of Homs by a TOW antitank missile, after providing support for a Syrian command group and expending all its ammunition. The helicopter was shot down while returning to base.

Russian Television service RT is reporting one of the country's most experienced pilots was killed in the attack, along with his co-pilot.

Russia has around 4,000 military personal and dozens of aircraft in Syria as part its efforts to combat IS in the war-torn country.