Video: Skydiver's panic as parachute malfunctions

  • 05/07/2016
(Facebook / Daniel Herndon)
(Facebook / Daniel Herndon)

Horrifying footage has emerged of the moment a man's parachute fails during a skydive.

Daniel Herndon was aiming to skydive into a football stadium in Oklahoma to deliver the match ball to an official, but instead had a battle on his hands just to remain alive as his first parachute malfunctioned upon opening.

Panicked gasps are heard as he struggles to get his parachute under control, but after accelerating to what he believes to be about 130km/h during the incident, he decided to use his emergency parachute.

However all finished well, with Mr Herndon still somehow managing to steady himself and arrive at Taft Stadium ahead of Oklahoma City Energy's game against Chivas USA.