Video: The Muslim who wants Trump in power

Video: The Muslim who wants Trump in power

It sounds like the greatest oxymoron - American Muslims for Trump.

But the group is firmly behind the 70-year-old businessman turned Republican presidential candidate, endorsing him at the party's national convention in Ohio on Wednesday (NZ time).

Despite the anti-Muslim rhetoric Mr Trump has been espousing on the campaign trail  including a policy to temporarily ban Muslim immigrants and surveilling or closing mosques, he has some support amongst those he wants to crack down on.

He's since changed his stance slightly in the past few days, saying instead of a ban he called for "extreme vetting" of people from "territories" with a history of terrorism.

A poll of 2000 Muslim voters in March done by the Council on American-Islam Relations shows 11 percent support for Mr Trump.

In a prayer on the main stage at the Quicken Loans Arena in Ohio, the group's founder Sajid Tarar, a Pakistani immigrant, said the US needed "a new leader, a commander, who will guide America along a path of righteousness".

Video: The Muslim who wants Trump in power

American Muslims for Trump founder Sajid Tarar (Reuters)

"We as Americans are ready for real hope, a change and ask for a tenacious leader who will be able to motivate this, the qualities of this leader must reflect the qualities required to uplift Americans and truly make America great again, amen."

Mr Trump was officially named as the Republican presidential nominee following a state-by-state vote.

He'll take on the presumptive Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton in the November general election. The Democrats hold their convention in Philadelphia next week.