When Gower met Giuliani

When Gower met Giuliani

Former New York City mayor Rudy Giuliani says Donald Trump would be good for New Zealand if he became president because: "he understands the world and would make America a leader of the free world."

Speaking to Newshub at the Republican Convention, Mr Giuliani said the US is currently: "a follower rather than a leader under a President who is extremely weak. A secretary of state like Hillary Clinton who reset the button with Putin, and Putin is now pushing us, and her, all around the world. Donald Trump will be a leader like Ronald Reagan."

Newshub also asked Mr Giuliani about the infighting going on within the Republican Party:

"This is really being done by the media. The reality is both parties have fighting. As many democrats opposed Hillary Clinton as Donald Trump. The media didn’t report that. Not everyone is unanimously behind the candidate. Not everyone is behind Donald Trump, not everyone is behind Hillary Clinton, but I think more people are behind Trump than Clinton."