Abandoned monkey's new mum is a cat

Rosinka and Fedor - cats and monkeys, living together
Rosinka and Fedor - cats and monkeys, living together

Rosinka has adopted a baby called Fedor. Doesn't sound like news? What if we told you Rosinka is a cat and Fedor is a monkey?

Fedor, a three-week-old squirrel monkey in Russia, was abandoned by his mother. She refused to carry him on his back, which is where squirrel monkeys live the first few months of their lives.

Meanwhile Rosinka, a 16-year-old cat, had lived her entire life without having kittens.

Tyumen Zoo director Tatyana Antropova decided to try something a bit different, introducing the lonely pair - and they hit it off.

"The cat didn't show any aggression towards the monkey," says Ms Antropova.

Despite her kindness, Rosinka's probably looking forward to getting Fedor's stinking paws off her fur.

"She's a bit tired already as it has been almost three weeks, she's also quite old. The baby is getting naughty, starting to bite and pinch her."

But she can't back out now. Fedor needs to ride her for another month before he can be returned to his ungrateful mother.