Australian swimmers banned from Olympic closing ceremony

Australian swimmer Emma McKeon (Emma McKeon/Facebook)
Australian swimmer Emma McKeon (Emma McKeon/Facebook)

Two Australian swimmers have been banned from the Olympic closing ceremony, after breaking the Australian Olympic Committee's (AOC) rules and spending the night out in Copacabana.

Gold medallist Emma McKeon and teammate Josh Palmer had been out with a group of Australian swimmers at a Copacabana nightclub until after 4am on Wednesday morning (local time), then decided not to go back to the athletes' village with their teammates.

An AOC statement said McKeon and Palmer must now stay in the village between 8pm and 8am and they will only be allowed to travel to sporting events in official Rio 2016 transport.

"Palmer and McKeon's behaviour was unacceptable and they breached disciplinary protocols. I have raised the need for the swimming team leader to ensure he is aware of his athlete's whereabouts when leaving the Olympic Village and that the swimming athletes observe the 2am curfew", the statement said.

McKeon said she had stayed out with a friend in Copacabana without telling team management.

Palmer's breach was much more serious. He stayed out drinking when his teammates went back to the village, and was robbed at gunpoint.