Baby boy sent home from hospital dies

Malakai Matui Paraone (Facebook)
Malakai Matui Paraone (Facebook)

A Kiwi dad is devastated after his baby boy died in Australia, just days after being sent home from two Perth hospitals and a doctor's surgery.

Keps Paraone, from Te Hapua in the Far North, and Nicole Thompson broke down in tears as they told media about the death of their seven-month-old son Malakai Matui Paraone, which they are blaming on hospital staff.

Ms Thompson said her son couldn't move the right side of his body, had joint pains, fever and a rash when she took him to Midland Hospital a week ago.

She says Malakai was given pain relief and sent home. Twenty-four hours later, when his condition worsened, she called an ambulance and was taken to Princess Margaret Hospital. 

Ms Thompson was reportedly told Malakai was suffering from an elbow problem and teething. She was given Panadol and Nurofen for him, and again sent home.

The baby died two days later.

"It just hurt me you know, seeing my boy pretty much on the death bed," Mr Paraone told Nine News.

Ms Thompson said she tried for three days to get her baby help.

"Three days, two hospitals, one doctor's surgery, an ambulance trip," Ms Thompson told Nine News.

"If they had done their job properly my son would still be here. They know they have done wrong."

A spokesperson for Princess Margaret Hospital said they don't comment on the circumstances surrounding a death and the baby boy's death is being investigated by the coroner.

A GoFundMe page set up to help pay for funeral expenses has so far raised more than $10,000.