Brazilian police on 'administrative detention' over Kiwi's kidnapping

Jason Lee (Facebook)
Jason Lee (Facebook)

Brazilian military police who allegedly kidnapped a Kiwi athlete in Rio have been put on "administrative detention" as they face charges.

In late July, jiu-jitsu fighter Jason Lee says he was threatened with arrest if he didn't withdraw a "large sum of money" from an ATM.

He and partner Laura McQuillan were later visited, unannounced, by military police at their apartment - an address they shouldn't have had.

It prompted them to call civil police and ask for help from the New Zealand embassy.

After a third run-in with the military police, the couple, who'd been living in Rio de Janeiro for around a year, fled to Canada.

The Brazilian embassy in Wellington says the accused officers have been put on "administrative detention whilst answering for the criminal charges laid before them".

Further statements are being collected via video conference, which is being overseen by the country's Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

While the incident happened less than two weeks before the start of the Rio Olympic Games, the embassy pointed out Mr Lee wasn't a competitor and was far from the Olympic perimeter.

The embassy says it's been in contact with Mr Lee's family and will offer any help it can.