Bullied boy leaves heartbreaking letter before ending life

  • 15/08/2016
Danny Fitzpatrick
Danny Fitzpatrick

A 13-year-old in New York left a heartbreaking note, posted to Facebook, before deciding his life was no longer worth living after constant bullying from fellow high schoolers.

Danny Fitzpatrick described his ordeal before taking his own life.

"At first it was good," he said. But he says his friends turned on him.

"He bullied me," said Danny of a former friend. "They did it constantly until I went into a fight."

Danny criticised his teachers for not intervening, even after he fractured a finger in a fight with his bullies.

"They didn't do ANYTHING. I wanted to get out. I failed but I didn't care I was out. That's all that matters."

The boy said one teacher did understand his situation but couldn't do enough to help.

"She was the nicest teacher. She understood and did something but it didn't last.

"I give up."

His father went on Facebook Live to condemn the students who had picked on Danny, for his weight and grades.

"No parent should have to bury their child," father Daniel Fitzpatrick said. "No child should have to go through what my son went through.

"To the parents of the boys who tormented my son, all I have to say is I hope you never have to feel what my family is going through right now.

"You get to hold your children every night and day for the rest of your lives and their natural lives. I don't get that anymore.

"Your little monsters took that from me, and my wife, and his sisters.

"I don't know what else to say. I miss my son. All I want is to hear him say 'good morning, Dad' one more time. That way I can tell him: 'Good morning, I love you.'"

His family has set up a GoFundMe page to assist with the funeral costs and help "shine a bright light on bullying".

Readers seeking support and information about suicide prevention can contact Lifeline's 24-hour telephone counselling service on 0800 543 354.