Cannabis laws around the world

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While most New Zealanders now say pot should be okayed for personal use, a handful of American states like Alaska, Oregon and Washington have embraced reefer madness.

Colorado kicked it all off there in 2012, saying adults over 21 may grow as many as six plants and give away up to an ounce.

It's little wonder the state draws lots of cannabis tourists.

Globally, it's a bit of a mixed bag.

From cannabis social clubs to large-scale pot farming, Uruguay was the world's first country to legalise it in 2013.

The Netherlands once was the unofficial pot capital of Europe, but then said only citizens would be given a "weed pass" to enter coffee shops.

But, fearing for its tourist trade, the capital Amsterdam decided not to enforce the new law.

Other countries like Indonesia impose the death penalty for dope smuggling.

But it's Iran that has perhaps the strangest rules: you get 99 lashes for alcohol and the death penalty for heroin - but nothing for pot.

Iran's chief of police says officially, marijuana doesn't exist there.