Caught on camera: Politicians behaving badly

Caught on camera: Politicians behaving badly

Proof has finally emerged of the late Toronto mayor Rob Ford smoking crack cocaine, with a court allowing a police tape to be made public showing him smoking and rambling.

He's not the only leader to get into trouble on tape. 

- In 1990, FBI surveillance video caught Washington Mayor Marion Barry with a crack pipe of his own   

- In July2015, The Sun newspaper released footage of Lord John Buttifant Sewel with prostitutes, snorting white powder.

- New York congressman Anthony Weiner caught himself on camera, repeatedly. Few will forget his sexts, though many will try.

By comparison, Kiwi politicians are, well, a bit tame.

An honourable mention goes to Auckland Mayor Len Brown though, for front-footing it with an affair in 2013.

Politicians may be our leaders, but they're not necessarily our betters.