Child found hiding in passenger's suitcase

Woman with Luggage (file)
Woman with Luggage (file)

An 11-year-old boy has been found hiding inside a passenger's suitcase at a bus station in Rio de Janeiro.

Natasha Vitoriana Souto, 23, was stopped by police as she boarded a bus back to her home in south Brazil after passengers purportedly saw a hand coming out of her suitcase.

But this was no kidnapping; Ms Souto told police the boy begged her to adopt him, alleging his mother was a drug addict and had abused him.

"I was going to take him to my house," Ms Souto told Globo TV. "I found him in the street ... He asked me, 'For the love of God, adopt me.'"

Despite Ms Souto's good intentions, she could face up to six years in jail if charges are brought against her.

The boy his since been taken into care.