Chip fans fuming over Pringles changes


Pringles fans in Australia and NZ have been left with a bad taste in their mouths after some changes to their beloved snacks.

Manufacturing's been shifted from the USA to Malaysia - and that's not all that's different.

The new Pringles have changed flavour, are 60g smaller, cost more and have lost their iconic duck-bill shape.

The famous tube has also shrunk, meaning consumers are struggling to fit their hands inside to reach the chips.

Frustrated fans are taking to social media to protest the changes, decrying the smaller, blander chip, and detailing the challenges that come with eating them.

"Dipping in that perfect salsa becomes near impossible to achieve without it all up our fingers. Those crisps just ain't big enough," wrote one frustrated Facebook user.

Others provided measurements to demonstrate the size reductions.

Auckland Pringles enthusiast Nicole Angel says she noticed the new packaging at a local Countdown, and began buying old Pringles in bulk from dairies and petrol stations before they disappeared.

Ms Angel calls the new flavours "revolting", saying she will never eat Pringles again once the old packages are out of stock.

Pringles have addressed the complaints on their website, saying the changes are a result of the new facility in Malaysia and extra potato in the recipe.

Addressing concerns over the new chips, they say they have a "team of Mr P chefs working to perfect the flavours as we settle into our new home."

The tube size is due to new equipment in the Malaysia facility, but the company has provided no answer to fans who are unable to fit their hands inside.

They say the choice to increase the price was not "a decision we made lightly."