Concerns Rio is only 'half-ready'

  • 04/08/2016
Concerns Rio is only 'half-ready'

The Olympics are just two days away, but there are concerns Rio is only ‘half ready’.

Construction workers still toiling around the clock to do more than just finishing touches, including fixing plumbing and dodgy wiring.

As well as this, the Olympic swimming venue was evacuated for 90 minutes on Wednesday morning (NZ Time), after a suspicious object was found at the Rio Aquatic Centre. It turns out the object was apparently an electrician’s toolbox.

Ticket sales have also been lagging behind those of recent Olympics and demand for Rio hotels and flights is not strong.

About 79 percent of the 6.1 million tickets for the Rio Games had been sold as of August 1 ‐ well behind the final figures for the last two summer Games in London and Beijing, both of which sold more than 95 percent of their seats.

Newshub Presenter Mike McRoberts joined Paul Henry from Rio.