Controversial Sydney politician abuses wife in aggressive video

Controversial Sydney politician abuses wife in aggressive video

Warning: This report contains footage that may disturb some people.

A former Sydney City Councillor has dug himself into a deep hole after the release of a nasty video rant to his former wife.

Salim Mehajer made the news last year when he shut down a street for his lavish wedding, but the marriage hasn't ended happily.

The videos are ugly and Mr Mehajer doesn't hold back.

"I hope you die you f*****," he yells. And he doesn't stop there.

"I'm going to r**** your mum - your mum and your f****** dad. Call me now."

It's understood the videos were recorded when Mr Mehajer was under intense media pressure over his marriage breakdown and business dealings.

"Unfortunately drawing attention to himself has backfired," says former Auburn Councillor Irene Simms.

"I still don't know that he's worked it out for himself."

Last year Mr Mehajer made headlines with his extravagant wedding. There were helicopters, sports cars and he even closed a street for the nuptials.

And the former deputy mayor was suspended earlier this year because of an ongoing fraud inquiry into Auburn City Council.

But it seems Mr Mehajer hasn't learnt from the pitfalls of courting attention. Just days before the private videos were leaked, he released his own promo.

Mr Mehajer claims the leaked videos were taken out of context, and in a statement he said: "An individual yelling into their personal phone camera ... it's not real news."

But New South Wales police might not see it that way. They say they're viewing the videos and their enquiries are continuing.