Cyclist-hating Aussie truck driver soaks group in dangerous 'prank'

  • 02/08/2016

A wiseacre driver in Australia has angered cyclists after a video emerged showing him purposefully spraying a group as he drove past.

The video, posted to the Australian Cycle Alliance's Facebook page on Monday afternoon, shows the truck approaching a group of cyclists on a busy New South Wales road.

"So, we hate pushbikes," says the truck driver in the video, which is filmed from inside the truck's cab. "So, we're not allowed to run them over.

"But hey, we can f**k with them. So, let's have a crack at f**king with them. Yep, up ahead I see a little bit of water. So now's a good time to start the overtaking manoeuvre I believe."

The man can be heard laughing as he wets the cyclists and films the results via the vehicle's rear-view mirror.

The incident has since been reported to police by the Cyclic Alliance group, Nine News reports.

"We are simply astounded that this big rig thinks it is okay to toy around with other people's lives and would really like to see him on a bike," the group wrote on its Facebook page.

"This is just sick. You know professional drivers are better than this, and this professional driver is not like others. No, this professional driver should be taken off the road permanently."