Donald Trump: 'Get the baby out of here'

Donald Trump - hater of babies (Getty)
Donald Trump - hater of babies (Getty)

Donald Trump kicked a mother and baby out of his latest campaign rally after the infant began crying.

Mr Trump was bragging about how a Chinese bank rents space in one of his New York buildings when the baby began doing what babies are known to do.  

"Don't worry about that baby. I love babies," he said at first.

"I hear that baby crying, I like it. What a baby. What a beautiful baby. Don't worry, don't worry. The mum's running around like, 'don't worry about it', you know?"

Donald Trump: 'Get the baby out of here'

Donald Trump pretends to carry a baby (YouTube)

As he spoke he mocked the mother, pretending to carry a baby in his arms. After briefly getting back on topic, the baby again caught the Republican presidential nominee's attention.

"Actually, I was only kidding - you can get the baby out of here," Mr Trump told the mother, then turned back to the rest of the audience, many of whom were laughing.

"I think she really believed me that I love having a baby crying while I'm speaking," he said, shielding the light from his eyes.

After an audible intake of breath, he finished up.

"That's okay. People don't understand."

His latest attack follows comments from Barack Obama, the outgoing President, that Mr Trump is "woefully unprepared" for the role, and a CNN poll which puts him 9 percent behind his rival, Hillary Clinton.