Empty bus plunges into construction site

Empty bus plunges into construction site

Workers on a construction site in China probably got the surprise of their lives when an empty bus plunged into the hole they were working in.

The bus got stuck between two pillars on Saturday morning (local time), luckily missing everyone.

"It was 7:20am when I was on the working face," one worker told local media. "I looked up and saw the bus falling down."

Workers at the Guiyang construction site were evacuated, and personnel from the bus company emptied the bus' gas tank to prevent another mishap. 

A witness said the bus was warming up on the roadside, and the driver was outside, checking something.

Suddenly it started to move by itself, plunging into the construction site. There were no passengers on board. 

Empty bus plunges into construction site

The bus had no one on board (CCTV)

"The bus company is going to lift the bus using a 130-tonne crane," said an employee of the construction company. 

The cause of the accident is still under investigation.