Families praise teacher's homework ban

  • 24/08/2016
Families praise teacher's homework ban

A teacher in the United States has won praise from parents after a letter explaining her ban on homework was posted to social media.

The letter from Texas primary school teacher Brandy Young was given out at her school's parent-teacher night and later shared online by parent Samantha Gallagher.

It has since been shared tens of thousands of times.

"After much research this summer, I am trying something new," it reads.

"Homework will only consist of work that your student did not finish during the school day. There will be no formally assigned homework this year."

Ms Young says research has not proven homework improves student performance.

She urged parents to "spend your evenings doing things that are proven to correlate with student success.

"Eat dinner as a family, read together, play outside and get your child to bed early."

Ms Gallagher told local TV news station KTRK she was grateful for the teacher's willingness to adopt new policies that she thinks will help families and students.

No research has ever shown a benefit to assigning homework in primary school, or a positive correlation between the amount of homework young children do and any measure of achievement.

The strongest evidence for any measureable effect from doing homework has been shown in maths and science homework in high school.