Homeless man hands in wallet, rewarded with apartment

Homeless man (file)
Homeless man (file)

Waralop, 44, was homeless and hungry in Thailand.

All he had was 35 cents - and he slept rough at a subway station.

Then he saw a business owner drop his designer Hermes wallet with a credit card and over NZ$794 inside.

He tried to walk over to the man and give it him, but could not catch up.

Despite the temptation, he did the right thing, and handed the wallet over to local police.

When the owner of the wallet, Niity Pongkriangyos, heard about the story, he was blown away.

"I was totally surprised when the police told me they had my wallet as I didn't even know I'd lost it," Mr Pongkriangyos said. 

"If it was me in that position with no money I probably would have kept it". 

He decided to reward Waralop - with a job and free accommodation in an apartment in Thailand.

"He was homeless and had just a few coins in his pocket and still handed it in. That shows a good, honest person. Just the kind of staff we need."

Waralop looks forward to this opportunity.

"I'm so grateful to be given this chance to turn my life around. Having a clean bed to sleep in makes me so happy now," he says.