Injured toucan gets 3D printed beak


A Costa Rican toucan can once again eat on his own thanks to a 3D-printed prosthetic beak.

Grecia the toucan was brought to an animal refuge last year, after local farm workers found him with his beak smashed and bloodied.

The volunteers at the refuge initiated a crowd-funding campaign to collect the money necessary to pay for the prosthetic beak.

The beak was designed in California and built in Costa Rice with the help of engineers and bird experts.

Over the last year the brave toucan become a living symbol for a movement that is countering violence against animals in Costa Rica - his gruesome injury a testament to human cruelty.

A legislative bill to severely punish cruelty against animals is currently stalled in Costa Rica's legislature.

Although Grecia is now able to feed himself with his new beak, his permanent home will always be ZooAve, where he has been outfitted with a large cage and plenty of attention from doting caregivers.