Japan's Pokémon Go players go crazy for Pikachu

  • 08/08/2016

Swarms of Pokémon fanatics have taken to the streets in Yokohama to celebrate the annual Pikachu parade.

Pikachu, by far the most recognisable Pokémon from the popular anime and game series, was duplicated 50 times in life-size form to the delight of Japanese onlookers.

The parade is part of a larger event - a yearly, week-long Pokémon festival in the city that's now into its third successive year.

Anticipation for the parade was high after last month's release of mobile phone-based game Pokémon Go, which has breathed new life into the franchise.

Japan is Pokémon's spiritual home, having been created there 20 years ago when Nintendo released the game on its Game Boy console.