Kiwi gets worldwide praise for romantic proposal

Kiwi gets worldwide praise for romantic proposal

A Kiwi living in Australia just wanted to share his proposal video with family in New Zealand, but now it's spread right across the internet, bringing joy to thousands.

Hastings-born Shanin Proctor posted a video of his romantic proposal to fiancée Danni Wild last week, and it's been picked up by international media and shared thousands of times on Facebook.

Ms Wild was coming back from dinner to her Sydney home when she was shown a video of Mr Proctor preparing her for the moment.

"I'm pretty sure you've got an understanding of what's going on right now," he says in the clip, which she watched in the car on an iPad.

"I wanted to make this moment as special as I can for you. The reason I chose home as the location where I want to ask you this question is there's been so many memories that will be created and that will be created in the future."

After getting out of the car Ms Wild walks up the candle-lit street and driveway to the front porch, where Mr Proctor is waiting with the couple's 19-month-old son Mayson.

"Twelve-and-a-half years ago, who would've thought - I'd just met a girl I now call my best friend, my rock and the mother of my child and most importantly, the woman who holds the key to my heart."

After popping the question - and a brief pause - she says yes.

The original video has now been seen more than 680,000 times - far more than Mr Proctor expected.

"I put that video out there to share the news with my family in New Zealand, and just to let them know the moment it happened and from then until now it's just blown up," the maintenance inspector for Land and Housing NSW told Newshub.

"It's overwhelming how many people have seen it or shared it or liked it. I've had a lot of messages worldwide from people who don't even know me to congratulate me and let me know how touched they've been by it - I think that's the biggest highlight."

Planning the proposal itself was typical "last-minute, but it's not to say I came up with everything on that night".

"Leading up to the moment I was having little ideas in my head and just planned it out that way just to think of what more I can do," he says.

But while it didn't seem like a lot needed to be done, he says the night was "very stressful" with the amount of work and a short window before Ms Wild came home from dinner.

The video was shot by Mr Proctor's friend Jordan Demagante, who shoots videos for his gym.

He says while the message of support and congratulations have flowed in, his mates have joked he's put them under a lot of pressure.

The couple first met at high school in Sydney almost 13 years ago and while they'd talked about getting married before, Mr Proctor said "you can't be too overconfident".

"Once you're married you officially become a proper family and I think she would definitely not want to reject that - the opportunity of becoming one family together with me, Mayson and herself - and with that confidence behind me I knew I wasn't going to get a no."

But on the remote chance she had?

"Then we would have been blowing out a lot of candles very quickly."