Life in prison for 'depraved' rape, murder of Kiwi's girlfriend

Life in prison for 'depraved' rape, murder of Kiwi's girlfriend

The man who raped and murdered a young English woman after promising to get her home safely has been sentenced to life in prison.

India Chipchase was the girlfriend of Kiwi rugby player Evaan Reihana - the son of former All Black Bruce Reihana.

Ms Chipchase planned to spend her life saving others as a paramedic but was killed at just 20 years old in January this year.

Separated from friends after a night out, she was trying to get home.

CCTV footage shows her crying on the phone as Edward Tenniswood approaches, posing as someone trying to help, promising to get her home safe.

Instead he raped and murdered her inflicting 33 separate injuries.

Her parents weren't in court for the trial but her distraught father recorded a statement.

"We love her now and we will always love her. Even though we will never experience her smile, her laughter, her caring again, her photographs will adorn our walls the memories of her 20 years will live on and her spirit will always be in our hearts," said Jeremy Chipchase.

Ms Chipchase was almost three-times over the drink-drive limit. Tenniswood lured her into a taxi not to her home but to his.

He was obsessive, his rooms were covered in plastic, and he collected newspaper clippings of beautiful women he said reminded him of ex-girlfriends.

Ms Chipchase's body was found on a mattress on the floor covered in a plastic sheet, her hair was arranged into a halo.

It's how Tenniswood left her before going out for a kebab, then drinking for 22 hours in the hotel bar where he was arrested.

He told police "I suppose you've been to the house - you've found what you're looking for".

"It is clear India was targeted by Tenniswood at a point when she was most vulnerable and unable to defend herself," East Midlands special operational unit Detective Chief Inspector Steve Woliter said.

When Ms Chipchase was killed, Reihana dedicated his career to her and posted on Instagram in February:

"I honestly can't believe that you have left us in that way I will be playing for you for as long as I know."

"I'm sure that I and other family members will continue to have moments like this of anguish and pain until I take my last breath," Mr Chipchase said.

Tenniswood has been sentenced to life in jail with minimum non-parole of 30 years.

The 52-year-old may never be released for what the judge described as a crime of utter depravity.