Live crocodiles dumped in Aussie school after break-in

Croc in a school (Northern Territory Police)
Croc in a school (Northern Territory Police)

Police in Australia's Northern Territory are hunting four masked men who broke into a school and released three live female saltwater crocodiles.

The intruders had muzzled the malnourished crocs with garden ties and let them loose in the school early on Sunday (local time).

Police are appealing for help in tracking down the perpetrators.

"CCTV footage shows three saltwater crocodiles forced into the main office," says Senior Constable David Gregory.

"Police are appealing to the public for information as to the identity of the offenders."

The attack was carried out on Taminmin High School in Humpty Doo, about 40km from Darwin.

Saltwater crocodiles are apex predators that can grow up to six metres in length and weight over 1000kg.