Livestream: Man scales New York's Trump Tower

  • 11/08/2016
Livestream: Man scales New York's Trump Tower

A man described as a "human fly" is attempting to scale Trump Tower in New York using suction cups.

Police have closed the roads around the building, which bears the name of the Republican candidate for President Donald Trump, and houses his campaign headquarters.

The man is dressed in "high-end mountain climbing gear" and wearing a backpack according to local paper the New York Post, which reported he has made it at least five storeys up the 58-level Manhattan tower.

It's not known yet if the man's actions are a protest against Trump, who on Wednesday was accused of calling on his supporters to kill his rival, Hillary Clinton.

He is still up there, trying to avoid police who are trying to pull him inside.

New York City's official emergency notification Twitter account confirmed there were delays in the area, advising drivers to find alternate routes around the city.

App users can watch the stream here